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My sister keeps coming into the room and doing this.


"Illegals just mooch off the government, healthcare, and don’t pay taxes! They’re bad for our economy!"



She kissed her on the forehead.

She thought Aurora was going to be asleep for the rest of her life.

they want Aurora to be woken up by a man she talked to for like 5 minutes in the middle of the forest rather than the woman who raised and protected her her whole life(since the three other fairies were shitty when it came to keeping an eye on her and made her nearly fall off a cliff)

Maleficent also was nearly killed by the man she thought was her true love, she never trusted anyone again up until she met Aurora, who she still didn’t like in the beginning until she started talking and hanging out with her, playing with her and the other creatures, like whenever she was younger.

They even tried waking Aurora up with a kiss from the Prince, in which it did not work.  Wanna know why?  She knew the dude for 5 minutes.  Compared to the relationship she had with basically her mother figure, that kiss was useless.

Besides, nothing would be wrong with lesbian love in the movie, what would be wrong with that?  However, it was not indicated at all in this movie, it was was the beautiful “mother-daughter” relationship between Aurora and Maleficent, who truly made each other happy.

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Tumblr, we need you! A rogue Arizona State representative, John Kavanagh, wants to pass a bill that would thow trans people in jail for using public restrooms. Anyone could be asked for I.D. to “prove” their gender, and if there’s a discrepancy they could face a fine or jailtime.

When asked why the bill targeted trans people, Kavanagh explained that it’s because he thinks “they’re weird.” Outrageous.

We can stop this bill by taking action at and spreading the word far and wide. Will you help?

You guys please reblog this and spread this like wildfire. This is where I live and I would hate to see the trans people of my state not be abLE TO FUCKING PISS BECAUSE OF THE GENDER THEY IDENTIFY WITH

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